corporate finance

Our Corporate Finance Division offers a diverse range of services that can assist clients navigate with insight in today’s changing financial landscape. By aligning our interests as closely as possible with those of our clients, we can provide the following services:

  • Growing the Business
  • Protecting the Business
  • Realising Value
  • Winning Work
  • Recovering Losses

Growing the Business

By performing business performance analyses we can help clients identify business growth opportunities. Further services includes due diligence, business/asset valuations and deal structuring advice. Our broad spectrum client base and contacts allows us to identify opportunities and to connect businesses where compatibilities exist.

Protecting the Business

Ongoing monitoring or one off investigating accountant reviews assist clients in identifying and mitigating the risks facing a business and its assets. We pride ourselves in delivering this efficiently, in a timely manner and to a high quality.

Realising Value

We can assist clients in maximising the realisation value of investments by assisting in a sale process. Typically, this will include preparing an information memorandum with cash flow forecasts, budgets, industry and market analyses and other relevant information. We can also advise on the best approach to promoting a business for sale, dealing with purchasers and analysing offers. This is much more then merely advertising.

Our early involvement can assist in identifying potential restrictions in selling a business or asset and identifying strategies to maximise returns.

Winning Work

We have extensive experience in the preparation and evaluation of tenders. Whether a client requires advice on preparing a tender for major contracts, preparing a request for tender or analysis of incoming tenders, we can assist in maximising the outcome.

Recovering Losses

A client may find itself in a position where it has incurred a loss due to fraud, breach of contract or other unexpected event. We can assist by performing fraud investigations, quantifying damages claims and assisting in legal proceedings by providing expert evidence and litigation support.