Superannuation is one of Gooding Partners key industry specialisations. We have extensive experience in the superannuation industry, working with trustees, members and employers. Our experience covers all facets of the industry including self-managed superannuation funds, pension administration, retirement planning and estate planning.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) have many advantages over large public offer funds, these advantages include:

  • With an SMSF you are effectively able to pool all of your benefits into once account for investment consolidation and administration simplicity. This gives you the ability to control and combine your superannuation entitlements.
  • An SMSF is able to purchase ASX listed shares. Therefore, you can purchase shares on float and participate more actively in share buy-backs to increase short-term portfolio returns.
  • The ability to transfer personally owned listed securities directly into superannuation.
  • The ability to own your business’ real property (but not operating assets) in the superannuation fund, assisting funding and cashflow problems for many businesses.
  • Increased flexibility in investment choices and asset selection.
  • Tailored managed of tax on investment income and capital gains.

Gooding Partners can support clients and their self-managed superannuation in each of the accumulation, retirement and estate planning phases. We have the skills and experience necessary to assist with the design, establishment and strategies required to run an effective fund.

Annual Compliance Do you as a trustee need help with any regulatory or compliance matters? Our depth of expertise and experience in all technical compliance matters as well as our experience in dealing with the Australian Taxation office on Superannuation matters gives us the ability to help you effectively manage your fund and ensure its compliance.
Our services include:
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Arranging the annual audit of your SMSF
  • Preparation of income tax and regulatory returns
  • Preparation and lodgement of Instalment Activity Statements
Pension Administration Our retirement planning expertise assists a large number of our clients in choosing to take their retirement benefits in the form of pensions from their superannuation funds. Our office organises for all the necessary paperwork required to allow our clients to take their superannuation benefits as a pension stream and monitors the ongoing requirements.
Estate Planning With depth experience and expertise in dealing with all aspects of our clients’ estate planning needs, Gooding Partners works closely with our clients’ lawyers to assist in the development of an estate plan to ensure a timely and high quality result.
Retirement Planning We can assist you in preparing the optimum retirement plan. This should address your personal, family and estate planning goals.
Superannuation Strategies Due to our high level of experience and knowledge of both regulatory and wealth management issues, we are able to provide practical advice on the most tax effective superannuation strategies to assist with your overall financial plan. We understand our client’s structures and as a result, we are able to consider their overall position for business, investments and retirement planning.
Drive Alone or Drive Together Whilst you will hold full responsibility for the investment decisions and actions, we can assist you as little or as much as you required. Where you are time and/or knowledge poor, you will decrease anxiety by having the full service compliance and tailored advice offering to suit your needs and deliver on your SMSF goals and aspirations.

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